Finding BMW Part Numbers

Luckily for us, BMW generally has a good parts supply, even for older cars. Finding the right part can be hard though with so many options and variants.

The correct part number can help with internet searches for rare parts, and speed up parts ordering at BMW dealers. has an on-line parts catalogue that is a real goldmine of information.

You can find parts for your specific car by entering the VIN number, or just browse vehicles by selecting from the dropdown options. Once you have selected the correct vehicle, you will be presented with various categories. You may have to search various categories to find what you need, if you can’t find it in one, look in another category.

Within each category you will find a number of parts diagrams, click on the diagram and the list of part names and numbers opens up. There are sometimes duplicate diagrams, with different or no part numbers listed – this is due to the various options available on the new cars.

Prices are listed for some parts in USD, other parts have no prices or are listed as Ended – use this as a general guide only as parts can often still be found or have been re-manufactured by BMW where there is enough demand

The diagrams can sometimes be useful references of how that particular part of the car is put together, however many diagrams are just general representations so use with caution. Some parts have a small camera logo next to them – click on it to see a photo of the part.

Clicking on the part number or searching by part number (enter the part number into ‘Part Search’) will show all models that used that particular part, click on the model to get specific variant that used the part – a real help when searching the second hand market.