Track Day Terms and Conditions

Do not proceed with any Trackdays until you have satisfied yourself that you have read and are happy with our terms and conditions of business which are detailed below in full.


‘BMW Car Club’ means BMW Car Club (Great Britain) Ltd Registered in England with Company Number 1617753 and

having its registered office at Unit 5(H), Glan Yr Afon, Aberystwyth, SY23 3JQ, and for the purposes of these terms and conditions includes its officer’s employees and representatives.

‘Driver’ means the customer driver of any vehicle at a Trackday including any additional drivers.

‘You’ means the person paying or liable to pay to BMW Car Club the Entry fees AND all and any sums in respect of damage and costs and any other fees and expenses arising out of or under or by virtue of this Agreement, and ‘You’ includes the Driver even where the ‘Entry’ may have been purchased as a gift for the Driver by You.

‘BMW Car Club Trackday Entry Fee’ means the fee payable by You to BMW Car Club in respect of the Specified Trackday Event.

Conditions Precedent

  1. i) These Terms and Conditions are deemed to and do hereby incorporate within all BMW Car Club Trackday agreements, Trackday contracts, Track Day Declarations and all and any supplementary information published from time to time on the BMW Car Club website and are a condition precedent of all and any contract and/or agreements made between You, the Driver and BMW Car Club.
  2. ii) If You are making or make a BMW Car Club Trackday booking for the benefit of a third party Driver, You agree that you have made the Driver fully aware of these Terms and Conditions and in particular paragraphs 16 and 17 and 23 below.

Booking, Payment, Refunds and Cancellations of BMW Car Club GB Trackdays

  1. Provisional bookings do not guarantee or confirm participation in any BMW Car Club Trackday until all Entry Fees have been paid in full to BMW Car Club.
  2. A provisional booking will only be confirmed as an actual booking when BMW Car Club has received payment in full and as cleared funds from You. VAT invoices are available by request upon receipt of payment and on provision of a valid effective email address.
  3. BMW Car Club Trackdays are sold as actual bookings on a first-come-first-served basis.
  4. It is possible that a BMW Car Club Trackday may be cancelled for reasons beyond its control. If that occurs then regardless of when or how that occurs You agree that BMW Car Club cannot be held liable for any loss or expense incurred by You. If such a cancellation occurs then BMW Car Club will either compensate You in the form of offering an alternative BMW Car Club Trackday and subject to these General Terms and Conditions or a credit note valid for 12 months from the date of issue.
  5. Bookings cancelled by You more than 90 calendar days before the date of the BMW Car Club Trackday will be entitled to a refund of that Trackday Entry Fee paid minus a £50.00 administration charge.
  6. Bookings cancelled by You less than 90 days before the BMW Car Club Trackday are NOT entitled to any refund unless the booked space can be re-sold in which case BMW Car Club will effect a credit to You minus a £50.00 administration charge.
  7. Actual Bookings are not transferrable between BMW Car Club Trackdays. In the event whereby credit notes are issued as an alternative to a refund, these credit notes expire after 12 months. Once a credit note has been issued it cannot be refunded. You can change the name of the participant free of charge but must inform BMW Car Club of the change.


  1. BMW Car Club reserves the right to vary prices at any time without prior notice save that the price of an Actual Booking will not be subject to increase in the BMW Car Club Trackday Entry Fee after payment as cleared funds.

BMW Car Club GB Trackday Booking Regulations

  1. All Drivers must produce evidence of holding a current EU driving licence and must sign the BMW Car Club Trackday Indemnity Form and/or Track Day Declaration when signing on at the BMW Car Club Trackday. A copy of the Driver Indemnity document /Track Day Declaration will be emailed to You prior to the event. No Driver can participate who does not conform to this Condition. The BMW Car Club Driver Indemnity document is a constituent material part of these General Terms and Conditions. You agree that You understand that any participation in an event or driving a race track constitutes a potentially hazardous activity and You are participating/entering in a BMW Car Club Trackday at entirely Your own risk.
  1. BMW Car Club does accept Bookings in respect of junior drivers [defined as a driver under the age of 17 at the date of the relevant BMW Car Club Trackday] but in all such cases the Junior Driver MUST (1) be the holder of an MSA Junior Race Competition Licence and (2) MUST have a Grade A or Grade S ARDS instructor in the passenger seat of the driven car at all times and (3) MUST only drive at the Event a car of the type that the junior driver is eligible to race under the terms of their MSA Junior Race Licence and (4) a Parent or other legally responsible adult of the junior driver must sign the BMW Car Club Trackday Driver Indemnity Form by way of countersignature of the junior driver. Where the counter- signatory is not a Parent then written evidence of the permission of a Parent must be provided to the entire satisfaction of BMW Car Club.
  2. BMW Car Club reserves the right to terminate any Driver’s participation in an BMW Car Club Trackday if it is in the opinion of BMW Car Club that the Driver is unsuitable mentally or physically or by presenting in inappropriate dress to commence or continue participation in the BMW Car Club Trackday or in the event of any damage to any vehicle or component of any vehicle or to the property of any third party or of the venue In such circumstances no refund will be made.
  3. All Drivers and Passengers must wear crash helmets conforming to current minimum road BS safety standards or FIA/MSA Regulations. The validity of all Driver crash helmets and safety equipment is a matter entirely for the responsibility of the Driver and/or Parent in relation to a junior driver but BMW Car Club reserves the right to refuse permission to take part in a BMW Car Club Trackday if it is considered that safety equipment is inadequate and in such cases the decision of BMW Car Club in relation to any Driver’s own helmet will be final. All Drivers must have covered arms and legs at all times when driving or as a passenger to an instructor. Driver must when driving remove any facial jewellery [e.g. ear rings, nose-rings] on grounds of safety. No hand held cameras (or camera phones) are permitted. Any on board cameras must be securely mounted using appropriate equipment.
  1. On the day of the BMW Car Club Trackday your vehicle is only permitted to use road legal tyres unless fitted with MSA approved type roll-over protection. If a Caterham type vehicle then it must have a full FIA approved roll-cage and if a saloon or hatchback car then it must have a half or full roll-cage. It is Driver’s responsibility to ensure that adequate properly affixed towing eyes are securely mounted and easily accessible. BMW Car Club will not be responsible for any damage howsoever occasioned to any Drivers own vehicle in the course of recovery of it [i.e. but not exclusively from a gravel trap].
  2. All vehicles for participating in a BMW Car Club Trackday must either have a current MOT Certificate and which must be produced or on your own declaration be capable of passing MSA scrutineering. You confirm that your car driven at the Trackday will at all times comply with the noise limits applicable to the Circuit as published by BMW Car Club. The suitability and safety of any vehicle provided by You is entirely a matter for You but BMW Car Club reserves the right to terminate the participation in a BMW Car Club Trackday if it is considered that the vehicle You present is at any time unsuitable and in such cases the decision of BMW Car Club is final and no refund will be given to You in respect of any vehicle rejected by BMW Car Club.
  1. You will pay to BMW Car Club forthwith on demand and as a debt the full cost of all and any damage occasioned by Driver to any vehicle (including all and any components of it) The obligation created under this paragraph 16 includes the obligation for You to pay to BMW Car Club all and any legal costs, fees and expenses arising from enforcement of the terms of contract. Refer to paragraph 23 below.
  2. You are financially liable for all and any damage caused to circuit property. Refer to paragraph 23 below.
  3. Driver must attend the BMW Car Club Trackday safety briefing and cannot take part until that has occurred.
  4. Timing and competitive driving is forbidden for BMW Car Club track days
  5. For test days and race meetings a current MSA race licence is required.
  6. Drivers who cause an unreasonable number of stoppages at a BMW Car Club Trackday may be excluded and no refund will be given; the decision of BMW Car Club is final.
  7. Aggressive or threatening behaviour towards any BMW Car Club personnel/representatives or any other person at a BMW Car Club Trackday will result in termination of the event for You. No refund will be given and the decision of BMW Car Club is final.
  8. You should be aware that Driver breaking the BMW Car Club Regulations and any track rules may invalidate any track-day insurance you hold.
  1. You are not insured by BMW Car Club when driving on track for any damage to person or property. Insurance arrangements for participation in any BMW Car Club Trackday are the sole responsibility of the You and or Driver.
  2. You must read the Final Instructions email sent to You 1 week before the Trackday. If you do not receive the email within 1 week of the Trackday, you must inform the BMW Car Club immediately. The BMW Car Club cannot be held responsible if you have not received the Final Instructions and not informed the BMW Car Club of this.