The very first ever 02 Newsletter was published 02 Newsletter March 1989

I (Richard Stern) have run the 02 Register since 1996, in the early days with the Internet relatively unknown I set-up the famous bmw2002.co.uk website which has became the worldwide ‘Mecca’ for 02 information, this helped build contacts across the world and a mindful of information that everyone enjoyed and benefitted from.

The BMW 02 Series is a range of compact sports cars produced by the German automaker BMW between 1966 and 1976. The series included models like the BMW 1602, 1802, 2002 and the 2002 Turbo (Europes first turbocharged car), which became particularly popular among car enthusiasts for their sporty performance and design.

Car registers are often created by enthusiasts or organizations dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of specific car models or series. These registers serve as databases or clubs where owners and fans of a particular type of car can connect, share information, and participate in events.

The “BMW 02 Register,” enthusiast-driven initiative to gather information about existing BMW 02 models, their owners, and the history of these cars. Such registers can be valuable resources for enthusiasts looking to connect with like-minded individuals, share technical knowledge, and participate in events or gatherings related to their favorite car models. Every month you can find help, advice, event news and anything 02 interesting. It’s your Register so let’s here from you and your 02 experiences?

To find the most up-to-date and accurate information about the BMW 02 Register, I recommend checking online forums, websites, or social media groups dedicated to BMW 02 enthusiasts. Additionally, reaching out to official BMW clubs or organizations that focus on classic cars may provide more insights. Always ensure that the information you find is current, as these enthusiast-driven communities can evolve over time.

  1. Community: Being part of a BMW car club allows you to connect with fellow BMW owners and enthusiasts who share your interest and passion for the brand. You can engage in discussions, share experiences, and build friendships within the community.
  2. Knowledge Sharing: BMW car clubs provide a platform for members to exchange information, technical expertise, and advice related to BMW vehicles. Whether you have questions about maintenance, modifications, or repairs, there are likely experienced members who can offer guidance.
  3. Events and Activities: Car clubs organize various events, including car shows, track days, road trips, and social gatherings. These events give you opportunities to showcase your BMW, meet other enthusiasts, and participate in thrilling driving experiences.
  4. Resources and Discounts: Some BMW car clubs offer access to exclusive resources, such as technical manuals, guides, and discounts on parts and services. By joining a club, you may be able to take advantage of these benefits and save money on BMW-related expenses.
  5. Official Support: Affiliated clubs often receive support from the official BMW clubs and associations, which can provide additional resources, sponsorships, and connections. This support enhances the club’s activities and can provide members with unique opportunities.

Overview of the BMW 2002

The BMW 2002 stands as an iconic vehicle in automotive history, blending a sleek design with remarkable performance. Introduced during a crucial period in BMW’s development, it played a significant role in shaping the brand’s identity.

As early as 1963, discussions about a new and smaller BMW were underway. The two-door 1600-2 model, later known as the BMW 2002, emerged with a shorter wheelbase, emphasizing sporting qualities reminiscent of BMW’s 1930s heritage.

Significance and impact of the 2002 in the automotive industry

The BMW 2002’s success revitalized BMW’s sporting image. Its lighter body and excellent handling, especially in the 1600-2 and later 2002tii models, drew positive attention. This chapter explores how the 2002 contributed to BMW’s resurgence in the automotive market.

Development of the BMW 2002

Early development stages

The 1600-2, later named the 2002, underwent a swift design process. Wilhelm Hofmeister restyled the passenger cabin, and the 1,573cc “1600” engine marked its initial launch in March 1966. This section delves into the rapid development stages and design decisions.

Above; rare one of three 2002 GT4’s based on the 2002 Ti (only LHD)

The Different Models and Their Standout Features

Overview of the different models included Touring (Hatchback versions), Targa (Cabriolets), full Convertible models (rare and all LHD) and Race Cars.

Above; Targa/Cabrio version modified by Baur

Understand the distinctions between models such as the 1600, 2002tii, and Turbo. Explore the differences in performance, design, and functionality that make each model unique.

Above; rare full 1600-2 Cabriolet

Special Versions

Above; rare one of 12 special Diana versions

Rare and unique models

Explore rare and unique versions of the BMW 2002, including those customized by Alpina, Hartge, and Schnitzer.

Above; Group 5 AC Schnitzer race car

Limited edition releases and special features

Involvement in Racing and Motorsport

BMW’s racing history and legacy

Examine BMW’s broader racing history and how the success of the 2002 contributed to the brand’s legacy on the race track.

The BMW 2002 in competition (to follow)

Advice for Owners and Enthusiasts

Maintenance and restoration tips; Buying Guides and Maintenance

Provide practical advice for current owners and enthusiasts on maintaining and restoring BMW 2002 models. Cover preventive maintenance measures and highlight areas that need regular attention.

Guide owners and enthusiasts towards valuable resources, including forums, clubs, and events, fostering a sense of community and shared passion for the BMW 2002.

Contact the 02 Register Chairman; 02register@bmwcarclubgb.co.uk 

Above right; Even pop star Katy Perry wanted an 02