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21 May @ 9:47 pm

In September it is planned to hold a regional “Scatter Hunt”. and I need to gauge interest before going too deep with the implementation
A combination of our well like treasure hunt and the Navigation Scatter Rallies held back in the 90’s. This is new style event tailored to cope with modern technology and take advantage of our breathtaking county
The basic task is to solve a series of clues provided prior to the day of the event which will allow you to plot points on a map of Northumberland. You then need to plan a route to visit these clue points and find the answers
Because of the scale of the county it will be impossible to visit every clue site in a day (unless you are really dedicated) so you must select those which you can solve and think will obtain the most points
The event is ideally suited to teams of members as this will increase the clue solving brain power and allow people to share a car and fuel and even the driving if required.
This gives everyone the opportunity to have fun and also see the scenery
A Trophy will be awarded for the team with the most points and awards will be added accordingly for various categories
The hard core competitors amongst you may wish to set off bright and early and do a full day of treasure hunting, but the plan is to offer less arduous routes for those wishing to do just half a day .
In theory it will even be possible to do the whole thing from the comfort of your lounge although you won’t get points for taking photos at the locations
The event will be open to all Club Members so teams from other regions are welcome to apply
In order to finalise the plans and start making up the Scatter Hunt instruction packs. I need to get an idea of how many people are interested so if the event appeals to you and you’d like more information or have any questions then please let me know by email to mikemilbourne@icloud.com


24th September 2023
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