Fire Safety Stick for Classic Cars.

Hamilton Classic have announced a new fire extinguisher for classic cars that offers a compact, innovative and reliable way of ensuring cherished cars are safe from fire.

We are pleased to announce that Hamilton Classics are offering BMWCC members a 10% saving not only on the FireSafetyStick, but all their range!


Coinciding with the increasing levels of ethanol in fuel, there have been an increasing number of heart-breaking
images in the press recently of classic car fires that have robbed enthusiasts of their pride and joy. Not only that
but years of investment and hundreds of hours of work have been lost forever.

Most classic car owners know that they need to carry a fire extinguisher, but very few of us actually ensure they
are serviced every year or know whether they are actually the right extinguisher for the job. As a result, owners
risk reaching for an extinguisher in that moment of desperation, only to find that it does not work.

The Fire Safety Stick is a simple and easy way to ensure that you are prepared in the event of a fire with your
cherished classic car. It works by chemically, by removing the oxygen and thus extinguishing fires of any type.
It weighs far less than a conventional fire extinguisher, just under 300 grams, and can operate for much longer.
Even the smallest model has more than double the discharge time of an old traditional 3.5kg powder

Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of classic car owners are unclear about which type of extinguisher to use on a
particular type of fire on their classic car. The Fire Safety Stick has been designed to take all that guess work
away, because it works on all fires. It will extinguish flammable solids, petrol, oils, diesel, paraffin and even
electrical and other gas fires all in one unit. It does all that whilst being environmentally friendly and does not
emit harmful gases in use.


The Fire Safety Stick can be safely stored under your seat, in the seat pockets or in the glove box for superquick
access in an emergency. There is no need for big heavy traditional fire extinguishers, especially in small
vintage and classic sports cars, where space is already tight.

The Chemistry.

Inside it’s a solid resin of Potassium nitrate. Once the chemical reaction begins, this is split into nitrogen gas (N2) which acts as the propulsion/creates the pressure. And potassium free radicals(K+) these have to bind onto the oxygen and so therefore take the oxygen away from the fire. By binding onto the oxygen they create potassium oxide (K2O). – very fine particles that blow away – totally inert.
Furthermore, discharging an old-style foam or powder-based unit causes often irreparable damage to interiors,
engine components and bodywork. With the Fire Safety Stick from Hamilton Classic, there is no residue left
behind after use, meaning that the Fire Safety Stick will not cause any additional damage to your car if

Fire Stick on Gamilton Classic website. 


Retail price for a 50 second stick = 74.95 & postage.
BMWCC member price = 67.45 & postage.
To order yours, please contact Michelle in BMWCCHQ on (01970) 267989 or visit