Trackday FAQ

Are you debating whether to give one of ur trackdays a go this year? 

Have a look at some of our FAQ below:

Do I have to have previous experience? – No, novices are helped and catered for.

Is there instruction on the day? – Yes- there are a group of instructors you can book in with.

Is there one to one instruction available? – One to one instruction is available whilst you have your session but not enough instructors for all day instruction.

Do I have to wear a helmet or specialist clothing? Is it provided? – Yes- you have to wear a helmet – most circuits have them to hire out if needed.

Is there a noise limit? – Most tracks have a noise limit this would be within the entry details and would differ between 98-105db

What are the insurance requiements for the day?- Whilst there is no insurance required by the club the car needs to be roadworthy and checked to be safe- it is your responsibility to check with your own insurance copy for cover, however there are companies that can offer insurance if needed.

Is lunch provided?- not in the price but catering facilities are on site at all circuits

Is there an age limit for drivers and passengers? Yes- currently 16. However, if you have any concerns please contact the circuit before booking.

Can I bring along a spectator? Yes- all spectators are welcome and free of charge. Any additional drivers/passengers will have to pay a fee and sign on.

What time does the day start and finish?- This is usually included on the final instructions but normally sign on is about 8am and it finishes, depending on light at 5pm.

How do I book to attend? You can book online at: or you can call Michelle at the club office on 01970 267989 (option 2)


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