Book Review: The Essential Buyer’s Guide to the BMW Z4 by David Smitheram


Reviewer: Alan Jones

I was contacted by the office to review a new book called ‘The Essential Buyer’s Guide to the BMW Z4’. It is in a similar format and design to the one done by Mike Fishwick on the Z3. This one is written by our very own David Smitheram, who is doing a great job running the Z4 Register at the moment. With his knowledge gained because of his motorsport activities, as racing cars have to be in tip top condition to be able to perform well on the track, David seemed a perfect candidate to produce a book on the buying of a Z4.

 The book itself is well written and very informative, and covers all Z4 models Roadster and Coupes produced between 2003 and 2009, including the ‘M’ and Alpina models. It starts off giving a brief history of the Z4 with a few facts and figures. Then the following chapters start off by asking if the Z4 is the right car for you to own, giving you some of the pros and cons of owning a Z4 car.

After that it describes in detail things that you should do before you even go and look at any potential vehicles. Then in chronological order it takes you through the whole process of buying your dream Z4. He also points out many of the pitfalls, along with what to do if the paperwork isn’t correct for the vehicle that you wish to purchase. I know that paperwork is probably the last thing on your mind when you are in the process of buying a vehicle like a Z4, but if the paperwork isn’t correct it can take lots of time, money and effort to put right.  

So who would buy this book? Anyone who is in the process of buying or even thinking of buying a Z4; it will give you great information, and will give you all of the points to look out for when you see a car that you think may be a good purchase. You can compare what you have seen on the car you are looking to buy, to the advice written in the book.

Would I recommend this book? Of course I would. If you are in the market for a Z4 there is lots of advice and tips to help with your purchase. The book is published by Veloce Publishing Ltd, who have a website, and is priced at 12.99 plus postage if ordered online, which seems to be a bit of a bargain, and potentially could save you thousands of pounds by buying the best car for the funds available to you.