Sharknose Collection – June Article

The Sharknose Collection

Words by Richard Baxter


What makes up the Sharknose Collection?

These are the cars from the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s distinguished in the main by their sloping undercut front grille. But also the hoffmeister kink rear window.


Is this a new register?

It is not a register, it is an umbrella to capture all the cars from E3 to E28, the individual registers remain and contact details are shown at the end of the register news (please make sure your car is duly registered). Think of it like a big family celebration where all the cousins, uncles, grandparents’ brothers and sisters are invited.

Strength in Numbers

Whether it be at shows making up displays, chasing NLA parts, finding good workshops or individuals who can provide expert skills to body work or mechanical issues across the UK and Europe (we also need this information for the new directory – please contact with your recommendations).

Our Mission?

Is to provide a value home and discover as many of these cars and their owners that presently might not be aware of the social and technical support, the benefits of Club Insurance and Pirelli tyres, our ability to gain influence in the remanufacturing of NLA parts by tying up with our sister Clubs across the world.



Colours and Cool

There has never been a time like the 70’s when cars were so bright and striking, Inka Orange, Golf Yellow, Verona Red. These are the cars that light up our journeys when we come across them. It has become ‘Cool’ to be journeying in what are now iconic cars.


Quality & Style

During the 60’s/70’s and 80’s BMW forged a reputation for engineering integrity and for a style that was definitely their own, they were the “Ultimate Driving Machine”. There was a satisfying clunk to the way the doors closed, the switches worked, a quality in the componentry where the engineers had sat down and analysed in great detail, purpose, weight, efficiency, those large aluminum inlet tracts to the engine and the Bosch electronic items all spoke of automotive attention to detail of the highest order, performance and efficiency.



Affordability & Simplicity

These very cars are still available and surprisingly at low level prices, what’s more the quality is there, all the running gear componentry is still available, it becomes more challenging for the interior/exterior trim and hence the need to collectively through UK and worldwide members and owners to make it known what is required to keep these magnificent cars alive and well.


Your Technical Questions – this bit could be in a box

Fuel relays,

Problem: Car would start but wouldn’t run.

Response: Tim Maltby suggested fuel relays

Result: * success! *


Bonnet Foams,

Problem: Stu and Liz Blount wanted bonnet foams for their M5

Response: Still available from BMW

Result: Kerching!


Technical Day – 3rd June at Broad Oak Kent contact Richard for more information



Polishing Cloths

Windscreen Stickers

Rally Plaques



Can be purchased at:


Visit to Yesteryear in Adverts



Accessory Catalogue



Repair Manual



The original BMW Sales brochures are a work of art and readily available on EBay, full of detail and technical data that capture the excitement of the period take these two images from the E12 M535i brochure.


Technical Manuals

Training Centre



BMW: Try BMW – surprising how many parts are still available.

Jaymic: Lots of experience + restoration + servicing.

Walloth & Nesch: Remanufacturing, great quality, lots of offers.

EBay UK & de: For those hard to find parts.



We have a request to locate 1986 M535i Reg No; D130 TTF on behalf of the original owners son.

Please contact with any information.


Survey Questionnaire

If you haven’t already received the Questionnaire and would like to take part contact


Repair Section

What is the below image of and from which car?


Contact with your answers to win a prize.


What are a group of sharks called?




Answer: below


How Can You become Involved?

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Attend an event:

Technical Day – 3rd June

Silverstone Classic – 20th – 22nd July

Join us at the National Festival – August 12th, Gaydon, Warwickshire.


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Caption: Full set of period owner’s handbooks from 1974



Answer: all three! – put upside down at bottom