From the Archive: A Munich legend is reborn

The story of ‘255 BMW’


It’s probably up there with one of the most exciting phone calls I’ve ever recieved at Munich Legends. ‘Would you like to restore BMW UK’s famous M1 ‘255 BMW’?’ Yes, we would. ‘Can you have the job completed in three months, in time for the centenary display at Goodwood?’ Yes we can.

For anybody whose business is the restoration of classic BMWs, there is no more prestigious commission than to restore an M1 for BMW themselves, and in such auspicious circumstances. But there is a double edge to a project of this calibre. There is no room for error or omission. And there is no compromise on finish dates. If it’s not ready on time, there will be a big, M1 sized gap on the BMW stand at Goodwood, come show time.

There’s always that question: how far do you go? Usually defined by budgetary parameters, this is one client for whom the finished result is more important than the financial imperatives. Then there’s parts supply. BMW themselves have very few parts on the shelf and most of those are so old, they’re unusable. Being asked by BMW to source specialist parts is always going to produce something near a smirk, but then the serious business of scouring the world for the right components and suppliers begins.

The decision was made to carry out a full ‘nut and bolt’ grade restoration, renewing or refreshing every single component from the smallest rivet to the complete suspension lay out, fuel and brake lines and systems to interior trim, engine, body and everything in between. We quote, we get the go-ahead. The purchase order comes through on BMW headed paper. Its game on!