Petrolicious and the Grey Ghost BMW 1600

Classic cars are about more than just looks, but, well, they don’t half look good, do they? Here we pick the classic car photographer who has had our hearts racing this week, this time with a sunset, Californian beach and a BMW 1600.


Check out the ‘Grey Ghost’ on Petrolicious HERE.

The ‘NeueKlasse’ series of BMW supposedly saved the Munich brand in the ’60s, certainly proving the direction of things to come from the brand, but this 1600 is to be apprciated not for its significance, but just its beauty. It’s a ‘grey ghost’.

Using the Land’s End area of the San Francisco bay as a backdrop, Jeremey Heslup takes a series of stunning images for Petrolicous of the BMW 1600.


There’s even a video too! Click here to watch Petrolicious’ take on this beautiful Beemer, and read more about it on