Crossover do-over as BMW Releases the X2

We’ve had many numerical iterations of the BMW X series of 4X4s all the way from 1 to 7 but there’s always been one missing, until now. BMW have revealed the new X2 compact SUV. “The BMW X2 breaks new ground for BMW as a unique and exciting addition to the BMW X model range.” Weirdly the new X2 is actually the smallest of the BMW X family, being 2cm shorter and 7cm lower than the X1, the previous smallest BMW X car. The X2 is looking to take on the Audi Q2 and Nissan Juke in the compact SUV market.

The X2 features a new style to the classic BMW kidney grill, this time being wider at the bottom of the grill. BMW say the new design cue is to emphasise the broader, more distinctive and sportier appearance of the X2. The X2 will be available in SE, Sport, M-Sport and M-Sport X variants with a range of 2.0 litre turbocharged four cylinder petrol and diesel engines available at launch. Both the M-Sport and M-Sport X models variants receive the special M-Sport suspension package with tauter spring and damper tuning along with a 10cm lower ride height.

The X2 xDrive20d engine variant will power the X2 to 62MPH in just 7.7 seconds thanks to its 190BHP and 400Nm of torque, and will keep going to a top speed of 137MPH. And yet the little 2.0 litre diesel will still manage 61MPG. The X2 is targeted at young families and retains a stylish exterior with a practical interior with a boot capacity of 470 litres, that’s 65 litres larger than its competitor the Audi Q2.

The interior of the X2 whilst spacious is also stylish with a micro hexagon fabric that uses both Anthracite and Alcantara combines with contrasting stitching. The M-Sport X model variant receives the full leather treatment, again with contrasting stitching. “The choice of trim finishers, including High-gloss Black, Aluminium and matt Oak Grain variants, underlines the high-quality credentials of the BMW X2.”

The new BMW X2 also comes with BMW’s DEC switch (Driving Experience Control) which allows the driver to change the driving characteristics of the X2. The driver has the choice of Comfort, Eco Pro and Sport, with sport mode giving the X2 more dynamic steering and engine responsiveness. Whilst its unlikely any X2’s will see any off road action BMW have also included all wheel drive and hill decent control which allows the driver to set a speed for the car to maintain when going down steep hills meaning the driver can concentrate on steering. 

The BMW X2 is set to go on sale in mid November with a starting price of 33,980. Whilst a lot more expensive than its competitors (the Audi Q2 starts at 21,360) the X2 promises not just a more premium interior but also a much more premier driving experience. The buyers of X2, will be young professionals starting families, a clientele that require not just a luxury motorway cruiser, but a car for taking kids to football practise and collecting the weekly shop, they need a spacious comfortable premium compact SUV.