Concours 2018

CONCOURS – The Future

This is an open invitation to ALL members with an interest in the Club Concours whether that be as entrant, judge or enthusiast.

As many of you will be aware from time to time the Club Rules and Guidelines for our Concours `evolve` and change primarily to reflect the changes in those competing and in particular the actual model of cars being entered.

It is vital that the club responds positively to these changes in order to maintain the standards and ensure there remains a good number of competitors.

So with 2017 having drawn to a close we have an opportunity to re-visit the whole set up of our Concours and consider what changes should be made prior to the 2018 season and to this end we need your contributions.

To `kick start` some positive discussion about the continuous development of our Concours then we refer to the present documentation which includes:-

Rules and Regulations

Classification of Classes (presently Elite, Master & Pride of Ownership)

Judging Schedule (what to check/deductions)

Score Card/Judging Schedule (master/elite and pride of ownership)

Age related points

Mileage related points (total and annual)

These documents are available to download from the club website here.

Having been party to the previous evolution of these documents I can say there is no right/wrong and certainly there will be those who feel they have suffered prejudice for one reason or another.

That said it is always good to review and consider constructive criticism raised by members which should be give due evaluation.

At this stage, given a good number showed interest in being part of the `Concours group` to consider the whole process from top to bottom then I suggest the existing documents form the basis for discussions and therefore request members read through and offer alternatives as/where they see fit.

In order to bring a degree of formality can I suggest that comments are received by the 16th October which allows people a fair time to read, consider and compile their alternatives.

The points raised shall be then collated before being re-circulated to all those interested parties for a wider discussion on the changes being put forward.  Hopefully these will be issued around the 20th October. 

At the same time we shall be looking for members to form a Concours Steering Group responsible for taking Concours forward, considering revisions to the documents and helping promote our Concours at both Regional and National levels.

We shall be looking for this group to meet sometime in late October/early November.

And the revised documents together with any impacts on the Regional/National Concours to be put to the board for consideration at the first meet in 2018.

I trust that the above is of interest and that you will remain inspired to help shape the advance of our Concours events for the foreseeable future.



Steve Haslam

Concours Captain