We are very pleased to announce a partnership between BMW Car Club and Meguiar’s.

Meguiar’s have agreed to sponsor the National Festival Concours as well as ‘Photo of the Month’, our crossword and ‘Your Letter of the Month’ in Straight Six.


We have also agreed a discount on Meguiar’s products for members;

Clubline is a program for Meguiar’s to work closely with the UK’s most established clubs, providing the opportunity for the club to promote and to sell Meguiar’s products directly to its club members.  Meguiar’s offer a 10% discount  off their RRP to the member and a further 10% to the club when the order is placed with Meguiar’s.


How does Club-line work ?

You place and pay for your order with the Club for as many products as you wish by calling us in the office on 01970 267989.

The Club places orders directly with Meguiar’s

Meguiar’s fulfil the order shipping directly to you as the club member

Meguiar’s invoice the club at the end of the month less the additional 10% discount.

So not only do you as the member get the benefit of the reduced cost of Meguiar’s product delivered to your door, you are indirectly helping the club with a revenue stream that can be used to fund further member benefits and events.

To see products available from Meguiar’s visit their website here.