Nick Wright Retires

Today Nick Wright, organiser and founder of the Track Day Register for the last 21 years finally retired officially today, after yet another great trackday at Croft, where it all began. The photo is from the trackday at Croft in July 2014 and shows Nick giving the briefing at the start of the meeting, with Steve Bostock, one of his regular asistants, in the background

I am sure that you would like to join me in giving Nick a great vote of thanks for all that he has done in the this time.

Click HERE for some images of trackdays past.

Here are some quotes from his resignation letter:


Richard, directors and office team,

After 21 glorious years,  yesterdays sun drenched trackday at Croft Circuit was my last.

I will now be retiring from the position of being the Clubs sole trackday organiser and hope to become a club trackday customer instead……

I will be returning next season to organise and host our own ‘Eastern’ regional trackday at Cadwell Park in the May of 2018 and I have taken the liberty of reserving a place on behalf of the club.

This will be of course open to the entire membership.

If I could just ask one thing before I go,

Don’t be complacent about promoting trackdays or all our hard work could easily be eroded away.

We have a wonderful USP here with club run trackdays for club members and we have a proud heritage to uphold.

The original CSL Register started the ball rolling some 40 years ago.

We compete in a very, very crowded market place and we need to shout ever louder to advertise our wares.

Whoever takes on the role of running just one trackday needs to know that obtaining a full book of entries requires constant endeavour, sometimes for as much as a whole year ahead of the event.

Emailing, Facebooking and Instagramming should become a daily if not a weekly task.

The club mag and website should be running eye-catching flyers in each issue as a routine and not just upon request appearing now and again.

I won’t be here to promote our ‘national’ day at Snetterton or our season ‘finale’ at Oulton Park, you must do that yourselves.

It truly has been an honour to represent the club for so long.

You have allowed me free rein to do things my way and I feel so very proud of what we have achieved.

From our humble beginnings on the old Croft Circuit the ‘Trackday Register’ has come a very long way indeed.

We were the last trackday customers at the original Donington Park the day before the F1 buldozers moved in and we were the first trackday customers in the newly opened ‘Wing’ complex on the Silverstone GP Circuit.

None of this would have been possible without the support of the ‘club’ and our wonderful trackday community, so many of whom have become my close personal friends.

I wish the Trackday Register continued success and hope to see everyone ‘on track’ very soon.

Yours Sincerely



I am proud to have known Nick over the years and wish him every success in his retirement. Can’t really believe it but….

Howard Walker

General Manager, BMW Car Club GB.

On behalf of everyone.