Extremely rare Alpina C2 Cabriolet up for auction

One of the rarest E30s going, this Alpina C2 Cabriolet is up for auction this weekend and looks to be an ideal car for a driver’s collection.

The M3 is undoubtedly the ultimate E30 in performance terms (and in value), but in terms of rarity, the Alpina C2 is the E30 collector’s wildest dream. Not to mention, the C2’s spec sheet, which includes a luxury interior, exterior decals and iconic wheels, make this one of the most desirable E30s around.

While production figures are conflicting on the C2 and certainly on the cabriolet, it is clear that less than 100 of these cabriolets were made and possibly far less than that.

Unlike previous Alpina cars based on the BMW 3 Series, this C2’s engine was not significantly altered from the standard production car. A shame for the novelty of the car, but a blessing in terms of maintenance for any future owner.

Being of a reasonable mileage at 85k, in good condition, RHD and using a manual gearbox this C2 also ticks the boxes most would look for in an E30 BMW.

The rarity of the car does make its exact value slightly elusive, however a guide range of 15,000 – 17,000 has been provided by Classics Central.