5 Funniest BMW adverts

The car advertising scene is where competitors establish their dominance, where sales are won and lost and where the company needs to get it right. It is no surprise then that BMW is on top of it’s game in this area.

In a market where many companies can offer you a different version of the same car it can be daunting when trying to actually pick a new one.

Some people are lucky and know exactly what they want from their car and thus know which one caters best for their needs. Other customers take a bit of persuading and this is where advertising scenes comes into play.

Over the years, BMW has grown to become a powerhouse of the saloon and sports car market, this was no happy accident however. During its lifespan BMW has spent millions on creating advertising campaigns that have created the brand’s enviable image and given them a commanding share of the market.

Some adverts are pitched to be serious whereas others appeal to your sense of humour to showcase the vehicle.

What we have below is a compilation of some of BMW’s funniest adverts designed to appeal to your silly side, rather than your boring, sensible side.

Video: Funny Ads Compilation