Fancy speccing a BMW 2002Tii?

Ever fancied speccing a 2002Tii but missed your chance when BMW stopped making them in 1977? Well you can have your say in the colour and wheel choice of a 2002Tii being restored right now.

There’s a 2002Tii being restored in Cambridgeshire and the workshop doing the work is going to the public to decide the colour and wheels of the car.

A 1975 model registered in 1980, this must be one of the last 02s registered. Having spent most of its life in storage, its also got a very low mileage. This might just be the closest you can get to speccing a new 2002!

>>> CLICK HERE to cast your vote on the colour and wheels of the 2002Tii

The 2002Tii was top of the regular 02 range in 1975, with just the special Turbo model beating it for performance. The model cemented BMW’s position as a maker of fine sporting saloons, paving the way for the compnay for the next few decades.

The 02 was also the first BMW to be succesful in the USA, winning over buyers with its handling, performance and reliability.