Club Celebration

BMW Car Club Car Club Celebration Evening

15th August

 Our Marketing Director took it upon himself this year to organise a Car Club Celebration Dinner. We saw over 30 Club members join us at the Wroxall Abbey, for a evening of fine dining, Comedy, music and celebrate the Car Club.

With some of our members parking their pride and joy outside the reception area, the Car Club had arrived!

Club photographer Darren Teagles was on hand to capture all the images for the evening. The night kicked off with the Acoustic Guitarist Jamie Balcanquall. Music was playing as members greeted each other and got together with old faces.

Next up were our not 1, not 2 but 3 comedians. Who entertained guests, much to the amusement of Club members Steve Haslam and Tommy Machin! Won’t comment any further!

A huge thank you to the staff at Wroxall Abbey who made our first Club Celebration a hit with members and also our very own Marketing Director, Jamal Blanc for all the efforts and making the night a success.


See the October issue of Straight Six for a full report.