BMW Historic Motor Club

The BMW Car Club was founded in 1952 by, and for, the owners of pre-war cars.Current production cars were also eligible, but at that time they were few in number. Before September 1939 the UK was the largest export market for BMW, the marque being imported by AFN Limited and marketed as Frazer Nash-BMWs. In total 707 cars were imported before the outbreak of the Second World War.

As the years went by, a good number of the older cars were scrapped. At the same time more and more new cars were being sold, particularly when the very successful “New Series” cars were launched in 1963. From the late 1940s Bristol Cars started producing an exclusive, high specification model – the 400 – based on an updated pre – war BMW 326 chassis and a 327/80 fixed head body and engine.

The BMW Car Club and the Bristol Owners Club combined and shared a magazine for a number of years. With the ever-increasing number of post war cars being sold, and the subsequent increase in membership, it was felt important to continue to recognise the different needs of Historic BMW owners and in 1984 the Historic Section was formed. In time it took on the more important title of Historic Section.
Around 2006, the Historic section re-formed itself to become the BMW Historic Motor Club, and this is now a seperate club from the BMW Car Club.

A quality magazine BEE EMM WORDS is produced three times a year and a Register of eligible cars and their owners is maintained.

Come and join us if you own or have an interest in a pre-war BMW, EMW or a pre ‘New Series’ car.

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