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BMW launched the superb plug in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) sports car the i8 in June 2014.
Then followed the Roadster version in May 2018. What a fantastic, futuristic, gull-winged performance masterpiece.
However previously in September 2013 they started to produce their first fully battery electric vehicle (BEV) the i3. 250,000 cars have been sold worldwide and in July 2022 production ceased.
There are now 3 Saloon BEVs offered. The i4, i7 and for the Chinese market a BEV version of the 3 series which they also call the i3.
There are currently 3 SAV (Sports Activity Vehicles) BEVs the iX1, iX3 and iX.
It is easy to soon get used to this new technology with battery size being like fuel tank capacity giving range, miles per kWh of battery power being like miles per gallon and only charging time being an extra consideration if filling up outside your home charger.
Power and torque are the same as described from an Internal Combustion Engine vehicle (ICE) with torque being instant due to no gearing required.
BMW are offering all variants of their cars and as an example the new 5 series 2023 will offer petrol/diesel/PHEV/BEV options.
BMW are also collaborating with Toyota to produce cars running on electric power produced by a fuel cell fed with hydrogen (FCEV).

BMW i Series

“The most important thing is the cars are fun.
If your car isn’t, you’ve obviously got the wrong car.”

BMW Project i is a sub-brand of BMW founded in 2011 to design and manufacture plug in electric vehicles. The company’s initial plans called for the release of two vehicles; the i3 a five door zero emission urban electric car and the i8 a plug-in 2 door sports coupe hybrid. Concept versions of these vehicles were shown at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

The BMW i3 European launch took place in November 2013 followed by the BMW i8 In June 2014. Both cars are based on carbon-fibre reinforced polymer tubs with many new sustainable materials and most advanced production techniques available for low weight and excellent performance with economy.

Current i Series range:

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Jonathan George
i8 Model Rep.:
Clive Neville
i3 Model Rep.:
Tom Singleton
i4 Model Rep.:
Tony McNulty
i5 Model Rep.:
Jonathan George
i7 Model Rep.:
Chris Greenall
iX Model Rep.:
Fraser McCaskill
iX1 Model Rep.:
John Robins-Walker
iX3 Model Rep.:
Carl Gogerty

Specifications List

Models in Series: i8, i3, i4, i7, iX1, iX3 and iX.

Oldest model: i3.

Newest model: iX1.

Rarest Specific Model: i8 Coupe LCI

Smallest Engine: 1500 Triple in i8

Largest Engine: M60

Fact: Most complete range of BEVs available

Most Difficult Repair Job: N/A.