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Those of you who regularly attend our Club track days will be aware of how much fun and how brilliantly organised they are; however, with a membership of thousands, there are many of you who will have never experienced (or thought you wanted to experience) the thrill of driving on a circuit.

Whichever model of BMW you currently own, the design and chassis will have been tested on a race track somewhere in the world and fine-tuned for maximum enjoyment.

Yet, no matter how hard or fast you think you drive your favourite A or B road, you’ll never experience just how good your BMW really is until you let it free on a properly laid piece of asphalt.

One of the highlights of being a Member is that you can experience the real joy of owning a BMW on a private circuit, away from the hooligans that spoil ‘public’ track days and you can benefit from free (yes, free!) professional tuition.

As a Club, we hire the entire circuit and limit the numbers so you are never restricted to track time. Catering for complete novices up to full-licenced racers, everyone can benefit from the Association of Racing Driver Schools’ (ARDS) Super-Instructors who are available to be booked for in-car tuition.

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Dates for 2019:


Anglesey - 23rd February Saturday - £170 members (+£20 non-members) / £110 Novice morning (+£20 non-members)


Cadwell Park - 23rd April Tuesday - £180 members (+£20 non-members) / £120 novice morning members (+£20 non-members)


Castle Combe - 12th July  Friday - £180 members (+£20 non-members) / £120 novice morning members (+£20 non-members)


Snetterton - 30th September Monday - £250 members (+£20 non-members) / £190 novice morning members (+£20 non-members)


Oulton Park - 8th November Friday - £160 members (+£20 non-members) / £100 Novice morning (+£20 non-members)


Afternoon sessions can be added to all novice mornings for an extra £60.


Additional Drivers can be added to your booking for £50.


If you would like to reserve a garage please request one when booking you trackday, these can be paid for on the day - £20.


If you would like more information on the trackdays please contact

You can book your trackday via our shop here:


General Day schedule

Sign on 8:00 am

Breifing 9:00 am

sighting laps


The Club runs the trackdays for the benefit of the members. They are run by the members with the aim of breaking even so costs and numbers of drivers will be kept low so as to maximise time and space on track and value for money.

Please contact the office to advance book as we have different organisers allocated for each event, but Michelle in the office will oversee the payments - any questions she can then refer you to the organiser or they can call you. Failing this you can call Neil on 07767688233.


Register Overview

The Track Day Register is for the community of track day and racing enthusiasts within the BMW Car Club. We host our own track days and are MSA registered - which means you can compete in select motorsport events without the need to pay extra fees for motorsport club registration.

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  • Snetterton Trackday 2019

    30/09/2019 to 30/09/2019

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  • Oulton Park Trackday 2019

    08/11/2019 to 08/11/2019

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