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Dear Owner,                                                                                   

I’m eager to let all owners of the future “Sharknose Collection” know that we wish to provide a collective umbrella below which they can bask as a social and technical family of owners/enthusiasts of what was known as the “Ultimate Driving Machine”

E3, E6, E9, 2002, E12, E21, E23, E24, E28 were the model range of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and were the neue klasse luxury sporting saloons and coupes that have placed BMW as one, if not the, most successful manufacturers of driver centric cars of the modern era.

The challenge is that due to the quality of the design and build, many of these cars are now locked away from public view and this is our purpose in contacting you. Share in what we are able to offer you; compadres, amigos, friends to the end (Bing Crosby). Give us the numbers to enable us to negotiate competitively priced original equipment service packages and spare parts for DIY and marque specialists and the opportunity for fellow devotees to enjoy the pleasure of your custodianship!

Join us for technical days to be held with ramp facilities to explore the under world and learn how to care for these classics.

We particularly want to receive your ownership/restoration stories, the how’s and why’s of restoration which figure highly in members interest, please share by contacting  

Help us to help you derive greater pleasure and value from owning Bavarias greatest export, help us to? we are searching for the road test - Inka Orange Alpina E3 we hope above hope that she has not at sometime left us!?

Please spread the word to friends, contacts and associates to create strength in numbers, for each newly signed member you introduce you will receive a £5.00 Club voucher.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Baxter

BMW Car Club member and E3, E9, E28 owner & 2002, E12 enthusiast!



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Upcoming events

Sharknose Meet, Holland - 16th - 19th May

Sharknose Tour of the Cotswolds - Saturday 22nd June

Sharknose Sunday Scramble - Sunday 23rd June

Classic Vehicle Show - 13th - 14th July

Silverstone Classic Sharknose Display - 26th - 28nd July 

National Festival Sharknose Display - 11th August

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With the rise of Classic Car values, enthusiasts are turning to cars that have remained under the radar for along time. There is a particular renewed interest in models that were small in UK manufacturing terms, models such as the E12 and E21 and we’re not just talking about the Halo models such as the M535i.

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