BMW Car Club UK
Alex Jones- Club Manager

Alex Jones- Club Manager

Moving Forward…

Five years ago, I started at the Club office as a part time office administrator, then moving to membership secretary then swiftly on to Club Manager, and what a whirlwind five years it has been! Today I prepare to hand over my Club Manager Baton to my colleague and friend, Michelle Evans and move on to pastures new!

When I look back over my time with the Club, I have so many highlights it is impossible to list them all! One that stands out in my mind is driving the i8 roadster around the track at last year’s Silverstone Classic alongside Jamal in the red M1; my foot was only hovering on the accelerator and we seemed to be flying! Another highlight was back in 2018, when Michelle and I attended a Club trackday at Anglesey. Before I knew it I was strapped into the passenger seat of Matt Page’s BMW and I was whizzed around the track, and what a thrill it was!

I will be leaving the Club as a BMW enthusiast; the appreciation I have for these Bavarian beauties has grown over the years and is something that will definitely stay with me.

The Club has opened so many doors for me and I will be leaving with the fondest memories!

It’s all about you… the members!

The most important part of this Club is you, the members, and what are friendly bunch you are! The atmosphere at events is electric, with so many supporters and enthusiasts under one roof, it has been a great feeling to be part of it all! The Region and Register Chairs have made my job so easy over the years, they work tirelessly for the Club and were always on the other end of the phone to assist with any queries.

We have some memorable characters within the Club such as Richard Stern, who runs the 02 Register; not only is he always on hand to help us in the office, he also makes the events a pleasure to attend as he has us in stitches with his wicked sense of humour! Jeff Heywood, our Vice Chairman, has worked alongside me as part of the Straight Six editing team for the last three years, and what a team we made! I am so proud of all we have achieved together! Thank you for your advice and patience Jeff!

Membership currently stands at 4500 – the highest on record since I have been with the Club, and I know the Club will continue to grow in the years to come!

The Board of Directors

A big Thank You to all of the BMWCC board of directors, past and present, for all the direction they have given over the years and for all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. Having worked under three chairmen, David Frith, Richard Baxter and currently Jamal Blanc, they have all set up some great endorsements for the Club which will remain for years to come. It has been great to work alongside you all!


Last but never least are my amazing colleagues at HQ! Now… I am not really sure where to begin with this lot, I can honestly say that I have never worked with a better team and I’m not sure if I ever will again! Even after long 12 hour shifts at Silverstone Classic, on the four hour journey back to Aberystwyth and being so tired you can hardly keep your eyes open, we still somehow managed to laugh! Michelle and Jasmine, it has been an absolute pleasure and I will be moving on knowing I have made friends for life. I’m even getting slightly misty eyed writing this!!

(from left Lucy, Amy, Michelle, Jasmine and Alex)


Final Thank You’s…

Richard Baxter – for always believing in us a team.

Howard Walker – for having our best interests at heart.

All Region and Register chairs for their support.

All contributors to Straight Six Magazine – special mentions go to: Tony Ruddy, John Paulding, Dan Norris, Bob Harper, Martin Wooler, Darren Teagles and Steve Carter.

It has been a blast and I wish the Club all the success in the world going forward, you all deserve it!