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Get excited for winter with the Pennzoil M6 commercial

Get excited for winter with the Pennzoil M6 commercial



Promotional videos - a tribute to shaky cameras, tight angles and editing so heavily layered you fear you just might never see the bottom of it. We are well versed in 2018 in the tricks of the trade and have seen nearly every iteration of car promotional videos. Almost to the extent that we are seldom impressed. 


In an age where we are quick to point the fake news finger at any content that seems too good to be true, it’s refreshing to stumble upon something that holds your attention for more than the requisite 45 seconds. In this case, it’s a bright yellow F13 M6 coupé flying around the Canadian Rockies, mostly sideways, and sometimes pointing where it is meant to.


The ad is to highlight a partnership with Pennzoil, and how it powers the M6, empowering you to do big skids in a low friction, closed off and safe environment. None of the joy of driving is lost here, only with a healthy dose of green-eyed envy thrown in for good measure. If you have access to a frozen lake this winter, please do let us know!


Obviously, the car isn’t bone stock – you can pick the ice tyres in one of the drift shots and must have had a bit of work done for when it yumps, extends, and lands with a satisfying thud. However it does have a manual gearbox, which is a good sign, and the chap operating it has some rather snazzy driving gloves. We like.


Anyway, there’s only so much that can be said, so it’s high time we let you see what the fuss is about, so without any further ado here’s the ad. If you’ve not seen it before, enjoy! Click the image below, or click HERE.


We were serious about that ice lake offer, by the way.