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Sharknose update

Sharknose update

The Sharks may have gone away for the winter but the Collection is still very much alive in the Club and building ideas for 2019.

The aim is still the same, to increase awareness by attraction and create a collective umbrella for all owners and enthusiast.

Great minds inspire great ideas and collectively we should debate and find ways to try and bring more owners to the Club! We would love to hear from you with your thoughts, stories and questions - 

Every month a couple of pages of Straight Six are dedicated to the Sharknose Collection so please get involved by reading, contributing and giving us feedback.

You can also help build the Collection by promotion; talk to enthusiast you know and let them know our aims, get them involved for the next event season so we can all come together; Share our flyer (we will have a new one ready for 2019 which you can request from the Office); display our merchandise on your cars and in your homes and garages, we hope you all have our Sharknose windscreen sticker proudly on display in your cars! 



Visit the Club shop here to see everything we have on offer, don’t forget Christmas is almost here!

Have a look at the Sharknose Register page for a guide to the Collection.

Catch up on what has been going on in the magazine (on-line version here for members) and in Club News articles here on the website.

Don’t forget to keep checking the new magazines and fortnightly e-newsletters for more information.