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There’s a new kid in town called Custom CC and they just might be the answer to all your customisation prayers!

In order to validate this statement however first of all it is necessary to ask; what is it exactly we look for in a car customisation company? This answer can be drawn from understanding what defines a car customizer, and this can be defined as simply as; someone who owns a car and believes there is room for improvement. Simple! So who could this be? Yes you guessed it, virtually any car owner!

While typical garages focus on reverting the car back to how the manufacturer originally intended, car customisation companies focus on specific areas of improvement all with the purpose of altering the car to the owners specification, whatever that may be; In other words they make your wildest dreams come true! All you need is a bit of imagination.

So what has Custom CC brought to the scene that’s so different? First of all, they don’t operate in a garage and secondly they don’t specialize in any specific area of customisation, but believe it or not this is exactly what makes them unique.

Exceptional all-in-one service!

Founded in 2017 and born through the desire to provide people with their ‘perfect car’, Custom CC found flaws in the industry they believe are restricting many companies from achieving this aim. The first being that their specialisation is hindering their goal, by focusing on one area customers often hear “Sorry we don’t do that you will have to find someone who does” shifting the responsibility onto another business and not fulfilling their need, not to mention leaving it up to the customer to pursue another company who they are likely to be unfamiliar with and have no confidence in. To counteract this Custom CC works with specialists in all areas of customisation in order to provide customisation services on a wider scale catering for nearly every aspect of customisation e.g. performance, in-car entertainment, upholstery, bodyworks, the lot. They have carefully hand selected companies they believe provide quality services and handle all the interaction in between so you don’t have to. They even collect your car as standard just to make your life that much easier. This devotion to achieving customer satisfaction is proven to be what we want with numerous reports indicating that we are likely to keep coming back and spending more money with businesses that can give us great customer service.

But that’s not it… dealing with Custom CC is not a simple wham bam thank you ma’am pay for what you want and finish type of service. They offer free consultations aimed at finding out your likes and dislikes and add their expertise in order to suggest the perfect upgrades for your car based on your preferences. Another example of this are their tailor-made design services, where you can pay them to create a visual interior and/or exterior design for you inspired by what you like before you commit to anything. They also create their own stunning designs for you to choose from:

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime! 

Being educated by a car customisation company is probably the last thing you would expect them to do, however Custom CC is devoted to this with a whole ‘product information’ page dedicated to this very purpose, and you soon realise why this is necessary. With the variety of different aspects to a car, customisations available, wide range of techniques involved, technologies, vehicle parts and so on you start to see how every bit of information is helpful. The average person probably doesn’t know half of the customisations that are available for their car, their pros and cons etc. The knowledge is what puts the power into your own hands and ultimately increases your chances of making better decisions and as a result brings you closer to your perfect car. In fact, in a study done by the Barc Institute it was shown that the majority of companies that performed better in their field made decisions based on data as opposed to those who didn’t, emphasizing the link between informed decision making and better results. Plus; all facts aside, let’s face it… if you lived on a plot of land with Gold underneath, would you not want someone to tell you?

With their intricately tailored service, variety of options and strong emphasis on customer service it’s hard not to find a reason to like Custom CC. Take advantage of the range of benefits they offer and see how you can upgrade your car for the better. Get your free consultation now and take it from there, oh and all BMW Car Club GB members get 10% off their first order!


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