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Black & White - BMW finds a new logo

Black & White - BMW finds a new logo

Venture out onto the UKs roads and you will be sure to see a fair few BMWs, all of them special in their own right, however the crop is certainly varied. From the 118i to the M6 GT BMW makes a car that pretty much anyone can enjoy and find what is right for them, however within that plethora of models the exclusivity in the upper echelons seems to get lost. 

With some customers forking out over £100,000 for a motor vehicle they want to feel like they are in something special, and that their money has bought them their own little slice of the motoring world. How does BMW accommodate to this? It goes back in time...

In order to create a classic, understated and different aesthetic compared to its blue roundel BMW have drawn on their heritage and are swapping white and blue for black and white. In addition to the colour change the ubiquitous 'BMW' header will be replaced with the full name of Bayerische Motoren Werke, harking back to over 100 years ago when this was their more commonly used title.

Marketing-wise this makes sense as the understated logo and full title gives an air of class and understated elegance, befitting of a more premium product. You'd be more proud to show off speakers that said Bang and Olufsen than B.O at your next dinner party, wouldn't you?

You can expect to see this sleek branding on the 'premium' BMW products - the new 7 & 8 series, i8 & i8 Roadster and finally the range topping X7. Is this a move to invoke a sense of premium in their products? Or one that panders to egos in need of a stroke? Whatever your view, it's a nice spin on an old logo.

Stay classy, Bayerische Motoren Werke.