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Website changes

Website changes

You will have noticed that the format of our website has changed recently.

This is to accomodate some new features that will be (and are) happening now.

1.  A full site map is available in Info/SiteMap

2. Archived articles are now listed in Club/Archives.

3. 2016 NEC cars is now in Club/features

4. Trackdays has moved from Events/ On Track to Motorsport/ On Track.

5. Some of the Mpower Cars with statistics now are under Info/M Power Cars

6. Two new tabs News/Archive BMW and News/Archive Club have been added

7 All Calendar events prior to June 2016 have been deleted


Please explore.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, click on the Search magnifying glass on the grey block above and enter a word or two that you think may be on the page.