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BMW Newsletter for July 2017

BMW Newsletter for July 2017

Digital Charging Service: Intelligent and sustainable battery charging for BMW i and BMW iPerformance vehicles.
The BMW i brand has become a pioneer in the field of sustainable and individual mobility, not only thanks to ground breaking vehicle concepts and drive technologies but also with the innovative services on offer.

The latest innovation is unique to the BMW Group and offers customers the opportunity to take advantage of favourable electricity tariffs or a high proportion of self-generated solar energy during the battery charging process of BMW i and BMW iPerformance vehicles.

The BMW Digital Charging Service takes into account not only tariffs with a variable price in the daytime, but also those that include predetermined highest and lowest prices. As a result, customers can take advantage of particularly favourable overnight rates.

It works by automatically scheduling the start and finish times of each charging process with a view to achieving the best possible cost efficiency or maximum proportion of green electricity. The charging schedule always ensures that the vehicle has the maximum battery capacity at the desired departure time and that the interior is also fully pre-conditioned.

In conjunction with the new BMW i Wallbox Connect, the Digital Charging Service can also optimise the use of the customer’s home solar panels to ensure the most cost-efficient method of vehicle charging. The amount of locally generated solar electricity is predicted based on the system’s performance data and the current weather forecast. Using this data, it is possible to determine the proportion of solar electricity that is not consumed in the home at the time of being produced and therefore be used for emission-free mobility.

For vehicles built from July 2017 onwards, the BMW Digital Charging Service is included for one year; thereafter, customers can renew their subscription to the service in the ConnectedDrive Store for an annual fee of just £45. For vehicles built pre July 2017, Digital Charging Service can be retrospectively added and renewed via the Connected Drive Store for the same annual fee.

Fast, safe and convenient charging with the new BMW i Wallbox Plus and BMW i Wallbox Connect.
The new BMW i Wallbox Plus is one of two home charging units available from BMW for the BMW i3, i8 and iPerformance Vehicles. Launched earlier this year, the BMW i Wallbox is 40 per cent more compact compared to its predecessor models and for added security includes integrated authentication using an RFID card (Radio Frequency Identification), enabling automatic identification of several vehicles.

With a charging output up to 11kW (with a three-phase supply), customers can recharge their vehicles 70 per cent faster than with a standard charging cable, for example, BMW i3 customers can charge their vehicles to 80 per cent capacity in less than three hours.

The new BMW i Wallbox Connect benefits from all the same features as the BMW i Wallbox Plus, however adds further intelligent and interactive functionality. The BMW i Wallbox Connect is fully Wi-Fi enabled for simple integration to home networks and compatible smart home systems, these include Loxone and MyGEKKO. Intelligent charging is also possible with Digital Charging now available from BMW.


Charging device

BMW i3

BMW i8

BMW 225xe

BMW 330E

Bmw 530e

Wallbox Plus/Connect

<4 hours*
(based on a current of 32A)

<2 hours*
(based on a current of 16A)

<1.6 hours*
(based on a current of 16A)

<1.6 hours*
(based on a current of 16A)

<2.5 hours*
(based on a current of 16A)

*Dependent on the local electricity infrastructure. Charging time corresponds to a charge of 80% of maximum capacity and based on a single-phase supply current

BMW Accident Call (A-Call): New BMW Teleservice feature available providing assistance for low speed accidents.
BMW A-Call is a new, free of charge service which sits within the BMW teleservices offering. It provides instant assistance, 24 hours a day whenever the vehicle detects a low speed accident or collision prior to airbag deployment. Once detected, the customer can connect to BMW Accident Assistance Agent in just one click via the iDrive system.

Depending on the extent of the damage, the Accident Assistance Agent can arrange for recovery of the vehicle or, if driveable, the customer can be sent information of their chosen Approved BMW Body Shop directly to the Head Unit of the vehicle. By doing so customers can be assured that only Genuine BMW Parts and materials will be used and fitted by fully trained BMW technicians.

BMW A-Call will be available on the new BMW 7 series and BMW 5 Series models from July 2017 and all new models thereafter.

BMW i wins International Engine of the Year award for the third year.
For the third year in a row the drive system powering the BMW i8 has triumphed in its class – the 1.4-litre to 1.8-litre displacement category – at the International Engine of the Year Awards.

This bespoke plug-in hybrid system, developed and produced by the BMW Group, enables a range of up to 23 miles in the EU test cycle and a top speed of 75mph on electric power alone. This coupled with all-wheel driving and powerful acceleration creates exemplary performance as well as ground breaking levels of efficiency.

The International Engine of the Year Awards were launched in 1999, since when a total of 68 class and overall wins have gone to power units developed for BMW models. 

BMW is a triple winner at the Auto Express Awards 2017.
Three categories were awarded to BMW at this year’s awards: the BMW 5 Series was awarded the Best Executive Car of the Year; the BMW i3 was awarded Electric car of the Year and the BMW i and iPerformance vehicles claimed the title of Auto Express 2017 Technology Award. The BMW 3 Series also received a commendation as the Best Compact Executive Car.

The BMW i8 was praised for its impressive economy given the performance of the car and the judges were impressive with how this technology has carried over to more modern models including the 3 Series, 7 Series and most recently the new BMW 5 Series Saloon iPerformance. This model was also commended on its driver assistance features and key advances in technology with launch of the BMW Connected App and in-car tech now available.

The BMW i3 REx was the winning model of the Electric Car of the Year award. Auto Express judges, said: “The i3 remains as appealing as ever. Its cabin feels smart, clever and sophisticated, with some of the best infotainment in the business and use of sustainable materials reinforcing the car’s eco-friendly theme without impacting on quality.”

The BMW 5 Series reclaimed its crown to win the Best Executive Car award, thanks to its blend of style, refinement and technology. The judges chose the BMW 520d SE as their favourite model. They commented: “The SE version gets the same impressive and intuitive infotainment system, a digital dash and just as much comfort, agility and quality. The 2.0 diesel engine also offers the best balance of performance and economy.”