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BMWs at Flywheel Festival

BMWs at Flywheel Festival

The Flywheel Festival is a must-see event for those into all things mechanical. There are few other places you can see classic cars, aeroplanes, tanks and motorcycles all in motion so close together. There weren't many BMWs taking part in the show itself, but with many club members and BMW fans attending, there were still plenty of interesting BMWs about.

AC Schnitzer BMW M2

This M2 looked a cat among the pigeons in the festival car park, its striking AC Schnitzer bodywork marking it out as something special.

From the exterior at least, it appears this M2 has received AC Schnitzer's full M2 'package'. This includes an aerodynamic bodykit, engine tuning, sports exhaust, suspension upgrades and a revised interior package.

BMW 2002 Touring

We never saw the owner of this BMW 2002 Touring, so never had the chance to ask more about the car. It's clearly a 1973 model however and appeared to be in original condition.

Unfortunately, tin worm had thoroughly attacked the front valance, but the car still caught many an admiring glance. Assuming there aren't more rust demons lurking below, there could easily be a show-stopper to be made of this little 02 yet!

BMW i8

It's remarkable how the i8 still looks so incredibly futuristic, now years after it was first released. It will truly be in that 'timeless' category of car that always look modern, joining the likes of the Citoren 2CV or NSU Ro80. In other words, expect to see it lightly dressed up in many a low-budget sci-fi film in 15 years.

We can't wait to see what BMW has in-store for us with the i8s mid-life facelift nonetheless. We're expecting revised front and rear bumpers, as well as a rumoured performance increase. It's almost certain a convertible i8 will be joining the lineup too, as BMW has been spotted extensively testing such a prototype.


Another car that reminded us of upcoming developments, this Z4 has us excited for the so far elusive new Z4, which is being jointly developed with the new Toyota Supra.

We now no the new car won't be named the 'Z5', as had been assumed for at least a year, but toher details are thin on the ground. A return to a cloth top looks likely however.

BMW 6 Series