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Harry Metcalfe gets nostalgic for the E30 M3

Harry Metcalfe gets nostalgic for the E30 M3

Former EVO editor and general car nut Harry Metcalfe has a growing reputation for no nonsense 'real-world reviews' of sports cars on his YouTube channel Harry's Garage. He's just managed to get hold of an E30 M3 and finds himself fondly remembering an almost identical M3 he owned from new.

Suffice to say there are few BMWs as iconic and universally revered as the E30 M3. The first M3, and one of the first M cars outright, is now one of the most highly valued modern classics.

A homologation special that was the 'winningest' car of its day, the E30 M3 dominated the flourishing touring car scene of the late '80s and early '90s with its balanced handling and impressive performance.

It was back in such a time, 1989 in fact, Harry Metcalfe bought his own E30 M3. The former editor of EVO magazine using the M3 as a daily car as well as an occasional hill-climb/sprint car.

As a part of his channel Harry's Garage, Metcalfe now finds himself reviewing a 1989 model that is almost identical to the car he owned all those years ago. Suffice to say, an old love is rekindled.

Straight off the bat, Harry expresses fond memories of the car's race-derived S14 four-cylinder engine, and waxes lyrical about the M3's engine bay after a brief inspection.

Once Harry gets in the car, however, the rose-tinted spectacles come off and the motoring journalist seems to creep back into the frame. The E30's balance and lightness is still just as intoxicating as Harry remembers, giving the car a nimbleness which contemporaries never matched.

However, it isn't long before the inevitable trade-off of the S14's high-revving nature rears its head, as Harry instantly finds himself reminded of the car's lack of torque - which seems to be the reason he sold his own M3 over 20 years ago.

Metcalfe also expresses surprise at the M3's compliant ride, which he reckons to be soft by modern performance car standards - not that this is necessarily a bad thing.

The impression the video gives, is that Harry is a huge fan of the car, but it never quite satisfied him as a competition car.

To be fair to the M3, racing models had considerably more power than their road-going cousins, which were only ever intended as sports cars.

Perhaps Harry needs to find an ex-works car to scratch his BMW motorsport itch! It may just take a fair bit of extra cash!