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27 BMWs up for auction at NEC Restoration Show

27 BMWs up for auction at NEC Restoration Show

Classic Car Auctions is set to hold a massive 200 lot sale at next week’s Classic Car Restoration Show at the NEC Birmingham, with a huge 27 BMWs up for grabs.

No doubt one of the highlights of April for UK classic car fans, the Classic Car Restoration Show promises another year of owner-mechanic focused displays for the more hands-on car fan. Not to be outshone by the surrounding exhibitors,  Classic Car Auctions is matching the scale of the show with one hell of an auction.

With over 200 cars for sale, the auction is focusing on affordable, easy to maintain classics. This translates to nearly 30 BMW up for sale at this weekend’s show.

Not only is that an exceptional proportion for one marque at one auction – just under 15% – but is surely one of the largest collection of BMWs ever sold at a UK auction.

In anticipation of this Bavaria-fest, we’re having a look at three of the most interesting Bimmers for sale at the auction.

2000 BMW Z3 M Coupe

BMW were on to a tried-and-tested formula when they fitted one of their most powerful engines – the 3.2 litre S50 Straight Six from the M3 – to their smallest and lightest model of the time – the Z3. This made for a heady driving experience that remains hallowed among BMW fans to this day.

Combine this with the ‘shooting brake’ styling of the coupe conversion and you have an instant legend. It’s  now affectionately known as the ‘clownshoe’ for its undulating profile.

This 2000 Z3 M Coupe appears to be one of those ‘best ones available’ that all the buyer’s guides recommend you get. It boasts a low mileage of 35k which is supported by a full main dealer/specialist service history. What’s more, it boasts a very high condition score which echoes the impression given by the photographs of the car.

The colour might be the main issue for some, Dakar Yellow is definitely one of those ‘love it or hate it’ hues. If you can live with the yellow however, you have a low mileage, great condition, and rare RHD Z3 M Coupe.

The Z3 is advertised with an estimate of £30,000 – £35,000.

2002 BMW ‘E39’ M5

 Is there any other BMW that unites the opinions of car fans quite like the E39 M5? You’ll rarely find anyone who has a bad word to say about the E39, which many consider one of BMW’s true masterpieces.

As the ultimate car in the line, the M5 is, of course, the most hallowed of them all. To put the car’s thrilling performance and tight-as-a-drum handling to one side for a second, the E39 was also an eminently practical and reliable saloon.

In other words, it’s now the perfect retro super-saloon.

This E39 M5 is no doubt one of the better cars you’ll find on offer, presenting itself in good condition throughout. The full-service history should also be cause for comfort.

The car has a warranted mileage of 80k, which is low by E39 standards, but at the level where collectors may no longer be interested. All of this suggests a car perfect for someone looking for a great condition E39 that you won’t be afraid to drive and put some miles on.

The fact the car is originally a Jersey car should also work in the buyer’s favour. The small amount of paperwork involved in getting it permanently on UK roads should keep the price from going too crazy.

The E39 M5 is for sale with an estimate of £12,000 – £15,000.

1974 BMW 3.0 CS Coupe

 Sleek lines, a smooth engine and classy handling are the calling card of the E9 Coupe, and this 3.0 CS is no exception.

Actually a US-spec car (see the ‘federal’ bumpers and side indicators) that has been imported, this E9 is a potential bargain for the savvy buyer.

While the 3.0 CSi gets all the attention, in reality, a standard CS like this offers much of the experience for far less of the outlay. The rough interior will further bring down the price too, as do the US market ‘features’.

With the rest of the car looking very solid however, this is the perfect restoration candidate. Exterior trim (the bumpers and so forth) and interior refurbishment are some of the easiest jobs a home restorer can hope to tackle, keeping labour costs down.

This E9 is offered with an estimate of £16,000 – £19,000.

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