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BMW's 18th (or is it 19th?) Art Car

BMW's 18th (or is it 19th?) Art Car

American artist John Baldessari has created BMW's 19th official Art Car, a M6 GTLM, which will race at Daytona in January 2017.

A conceptualist artist that has dominated much of the contemporary Califronian art world, John Baldessari is a worthy name to join the list of iconic BMW art car desginers.

Other notable artists to contribute to the now 41 years old series include Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Alexander Calder and Jeff Koons.

Baldessari hoped to achieve a 'playfully satricial' nature with his asymettric deign, which has 'FAST' written down one side, stating the obvious on a 585hp race car.

Baldessari's normal two-dimensional work is typified by a combinination of colour, shapes and text - which is clear to see on his art car.

"So you can say, the BMW Art Car is definitely a typical Baldessari and the fastest artwork I ever created!” say Baldessari

Other eyecatching features include the large red dot on the roof, which Baldessari included simply to make it clear where the car is. Perhaps John has lost his car in a car-park a few more times than he cares for!

The car premiered at ART BASEL in Miami Beach and will stay on display there until the venue closes, before making its way to Daytona in January next year. There the 'rolling sculpture' will take part in the Rolex 24 on the 28th and 29th.

Keen readers will note that despite being labelled the 19th art car, the Baldessari car is in fact the 18th art car to be revealed. Another art car, this time designed by Chinese artist Cao Fei, was commissioned prior to Baldessari's but will not be displayed until the summer of 2017.