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BMW celebrate 50 years of the 02 in Romania

BMW celebrate 50 years of the 02 in Romania

2016 has seen numerous celebrations of BMW's 100th anniversary, but it is also an anniversary year for one of BMW's most important and influential cars, the 02.

As one of the principal sponsors of the SoNoRo festival, a cultural event that brings musicians from around the world to Bucharest, BMW took the opportunity to celebrate the iconic 02 Series' birthday.

Making the importance of the car clear, BMW also brought along a brand new 3 Series, making the link between the two clear. The 02, most famous in 2.0 litre '2002' form was BMWs first truly globally successful sporting saloon and so was crucial in the forming of the brand identity that remains to this day.

What's more, with keen handling, good feedback and a traditional front engine rear-wheel drive layout, the 02 series set the foundations for what is still BMW's best-seller, the 3 Series. Indeed the 02's successor, the E21, was the first to wear the 3 Series name.

Not to be over-shadowed by the high-culture surroundings of the SoNoRo festival, BMW put on a fine show with an immaculate 02 posing around the photogenic streets of Bucharest.

All images: BMW SoNoRo 2016