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BMW creates the 2002 Hommage 'Turbomeister'

BMW creates the 2002 Hommage 'Turbomeister'

BMW are doubling up on retro appeal as they respray the 2002 Hommage in 'Turbomeister' livery, evoking one of the 2002's most iconic racing paint schemes.

Taking inspiration from the Jägermeister liveries of the 2002 racing cars of the 1970s, BMW has repainted their 2002 Hommage concept vehicle for this year's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

Back in 1973 when Jägermeister was the main sponsor for BMW's racing 2002s, the 2002 Turbo was released, becoming the first series produced turbocharged car in Europe.

The 2002 Hommage was originally produced to celebrate 50 years of the 2002 name plate and premiered at the 2016 Villa d'Erba Concours d'Elegance. The 2002 was BMW's first foray into the compact sporting saloon market, the niche that would go on to bring them global success and renown.

With this respray however, BMW has changed the focus of the 2002 Hommage to BMW's illustrious history with turbocharging - hence 'Turbomeister' (that's German for Turbo Master for anyone that hadn't joined those dots).

BMW not only sold the first series produced turbo car in Europe in 1973, but also won the first Formula One World Championship in a turbocharged car, with Nelson Piquet's victory in 1983.

Today, all of BMW's diesel cars, nearly all of their performance offerings and many of their standard models feature turbocharging, as do those of many rivals. BMW claims, correctly, to have been one of the pioneers in a technology that is widespread today.

Underneath the paintwork, the 2002 Hommage is otherwise identical to the white car we saw earlier this year. With retro features such as the shark nose, blocky front, off-centre rear badge and square lights remaining. The 2002 Hommage aims to show what the 2002 would have looked like today, had it stayed in development.

In truth, the first 3 Series, the 'E21' was a successor to the 2002 in all but name, so the modern day 3 series is as much the descendant of the 2002 as the 2002 Hommage

Based on the M2, BMW has not confirmed whether the 2002 Hommage features the M2's twin turbocharged straight six engine. BMW insists the 2002 Hommage is purely a 'design concept'.