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M3 EVO III up for sale at Brooklands this weekend

M3 EVO III up for sale at Brooklands this weekend

Perhaps the ultimate road going E30, just one of 600 M3 EVO IIIs, or 'Sport Evolutions', is up for sale at this weekend's Historics at Brooklands auction.

As one of the ultimate versions of one of BMW's most iconic cars an E30 M3 EV0 III coming up for sale is a special occasion. Not only are they rare, but the car's spec sheets has all fans of Munich's finest drooling.

Upgrades over the 'standard' M3 included an enlarged 2.5 litre engine, enhanced aerodynamics, tweaked suspension, lightened panels and a lightened flywheel.

Simply put, the EVO III is pretty much as close to one of the legendary E30 touring cars - the winningest chassis in motorsport history - as you can get on the road.

This 1990 M3 EVO III hails from Italy, having been imported to Britain in 2005, but this shouldn't put you off - they were all LHD anyway. What's more, spending all but 9 years of its life in sunny Italy will have done its bodywork the world of good.

It appears to be in good condition as well, having received a top-end rebuild in 2010 and an otherwise comprehensive maintenance record. In fairness, this maintenance will have been necessary, as this M3 has done a fair few miles, with 250,000 kilometres (155,000 miles) on the clock.

While the mileage is a tad high then, the car has at least been well looked after during its fairly busy life. The more remarkable feature of the car is that its bodywork and interior seem to be in good condition and very original. Often bit of interior such as parcel shelves get lost on older, higher-mileage cars, but not so here.

So, fancy an almost unique road racer that's one of BMW's most iconic cars? You'll just need an estimated £65k-80k according to Historics at Brooklands.

Sure, that's a fair amount, but at £10k more than the list price of a BMW M4, we think this one could be a lot more fun and certainly a lot more scarce.


The 1990 BMW M3 EVO III will be up for auction on the 20th of August at Historics at Brooklands.