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BMWs ranks high at Mille Miglia 2016

BMWs ranks high at Mille Miglia 2016

Mille Miglia 2016 concluded after four days of racing this weekend, with two BMW 328s finishing very high up.

The two 328s of Massimo and Lapo Ermini (I) and Dirk Hattenheur and Tim Leucke (D) were clearly channeling the spirit of the BMWs of the 1940 Mille Miglia, as they finished in joint 20th position in a field of 435 entrants. The BMW 328 became one of just three non-Italian cars to ever win the original Mille Miglia in 1940, the other two both being Mercedes.

The 2016 race was one by an O.M. 665 Superba Torpoedo 2000 CC, giving another year's title to an Italian car.

The route of the race is split over four days and four stages, running from Brescia to the Adriatic Coast, across the Apennines to Rome, North to Parma and finishing at the star line in Brescia.

Further down the field, three more BMW 328s came joint 38th, another respectable position given the number of entrants.

Entrants to the Mille Miglia are restricted to cars that registered for the original race, which ran from 1927-1957. The only other BMWs competing were a pair of 507s, a 1957 car coming in at 183rd and a 1956 model in 280th.

The next Mille Miglia will take place in May 2017.