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i3 receives glowing review from car thief

I3 receives glowing review from car thief

Car thieves generally pick their targets by considering the oppurtunity and value of a given car, but this thief clearly likes to review his new acquisitions too, unwittingly recorded by a dash camera while talking to a friend.

The car thief clearly didn't realise this i3 had a a dash cam, or at least that it was on, as he fled the scene of his crime. Not before giving details of his place of residence, the thief remarks on the performance of the diminutive BMW.

"This car will leave anything for dust! It is off! It can move!"

We think the thief might be having his first experience in an electric vehicle, clearly impressed by the instant torque provided by the i3.

Indeed, are protaganist is keen to tell 'Dean' "I ain't never been in a car like this".

Quite whether this will make the cut for BMW promotional material we're unsure. Surely car thieves have driven more cars than most however, so maybe their opinions should be heeded like an experienced auto journalist's?


...and as for thief's current fate? We don't know if he has been caught yet, but presumably the i3 has been returned to its rightful owners, as it is they who have posted the footage. With such damning evidence, we find it hard to believe our star can be far from prosecution.