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Spy Shot Update

Spy Shot Update

Sometimes we just can't wait to see what the next BMWs are going to look like, even if it's before BMW would like us to take a look. Luckily for us, there's always a smart phone wherever a test driver goes. This is our collection of recent spy shots of upcoming BMW models.

G30 5 Series: This camouflaged 2017 5 series appears to be a six cylinder car judging by the twin exhaust pipes. The prototype has been in testing for a year now, so is surely not far from being revealed, with some sources suggesting a September announcement.

The new car clearly follows the path trodden by the new 5 series however, even with the camoflage, the more upright front and enlarged kidney grills are clear. While this does give the appearance of increased bulk, the G30 is rumoured to be roughly 100kgs lighter than the current model, with savings made through the use of more advanced materials.


BMW X3: Giving further creedence to the idea that the new 7 series is the best indication of what BMW has in store for us, is this shot of a prototype X3. Again, the front clearly borrows from the 7 series, with its enlarged grill and bluffer stance.

Unusually for a spy shot, we also have pictures of the interior. Again, the X3 is following the example of new 7 series. The steering wheel and gear selector seem to have been lifted directly from the G11.

Images: Carscoops

G20 3 Series: The most important car in this list, if only from a sales standpoint, this prototype shows how the 3 series will adapt to BMW new design language. It's a similar story in terms of bigger grilles and a more upright front, but the headlights also appear smaller and there are noticeably fewer bars in the grill.

The G20 is planned to go into production in 2018, so while we have a while to wait for the new car, we would expect to see a reveal of the bodywork significantly earlier.

Images: Christian Wimmer

BMW Z5: It's still unclear whether the Z4's replacement will be named Z4 again, or instead the Z5. Being co-developed with Toyota however, we'd suggest the clear brake with the old model would suggest Z5 would be probable.

Currently undergoing testing in Sweden, the new Z5 has been confirmed to be soft-top only. Its understood Toyota will be creating a coupe out of the partnership, so perhaps it's part of the agreement. Compared to the current Z4, the Z5 seems to be longer, particularly at the rear. We would expect details such as the headlights to follow the trend set by the new 7 series, as seems to be the case across the whole BMW range.

Images: BMW Blog