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Rare E21 Alpina C1 for sale

Rare E21 Alpina C1 for sale

E31 BMW 3 series are getting rare these days, always under the shadow of their legendary younger brother, the E30. But when it comes to exculsivity, it doesn't come much rarer than this Alpina E21, known as the C1.

With glorious art deco decals, upgraded interior and a tuned 2.3 straight six, the C1 is visibly different from a regular 323i and demonstrably faster too.

The front and rear spoiler add a somewhat 'batmobile' CSL-like look to the C1, also sporting an original Alpina blue and green accented interior.

This C1 is described as in exceptional condition, with a fairly low mileage of 60,000. At a starting price of $33,500 (£23,000), this C1 is expensive by E21 standards, although with so few C1s going, its hard to say how much they are worth.

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