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Around GB Relay

Around GB Relay

In early March the BMW Car Club will be setting off on an “Around GB Relay” to celebrate the formation of BMW on 7th March 1916. The relay will start from Lands End and finally end up at John O’Groats. In between these two places the relay will zig zag throughout Great Britain, during which, participants will be seeing some wonderful scenery on the way and undoubtedly giving rise to many photo opportunities.


It is hoped that every Region and Register will play a part in the relay and enjoy doing so. No relay would be complete unless it has a “baton” and the clubs will be two 1:18 scale BMW models, a Dixi to represent the first car produced by the company and an i8 being their current ultimate offering. The models are already decked out with livery of every region and register. Each leg of the relay can be purely for pleasure but it is hoped local groups can somehow tie in with a charity and raise funds for them.


Also during the relay a log book will be carried to record the mileage travelled by the models which will ultimately go on display at the clubs Head Office. That’s not all, we are also compiling a "Commemorative Scrap Book” which everyone can add to not only to record in words and pictures their leg of the relay but their entire 2016 events and outings. Every group will also be asked to collect a memento such as a small stone depicting their region e.g. an ingot of tin from Cornwall, slate from Wales, flint from Norfolk in East Anglia and so on. Registers might donate a boot or bonnet badge from their particular model.


Talking of bonnets this leads me on to the final piece of the jigsaw namely a white bonnet from an E30 which will be at our National Festival at Gaydon which everyone can sign and again this will go on permanent display.


The idea behind the whole event is to involve as many members as possible, express ones individuality so that in the future new members will have a snapshot of Club life in 2016, and have fun not only taking part in the relay but enjoying celebrating the whole of 2016 to mark BMWs Centenary year.

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