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BMW Accessories

Whether comfort, safety, design or functionality is uppermost in their thoughts, BMW owners can lend their car an even more individual touch with high-quality Original BMW Accessories. They can rest assured that every item in the Original BMW Accessories range has been developed specially for use in BMW models and is perfectly adapted for the job in hand. And with an array of new products available for any aspect of a BMW you’d care to mention, the extensive selection of Original BMW Accessories makes a more attractive proposition than ever.

Three new interior scents increase the feeling of wellbeing. 
Refreshing, stimulating and rich in variety, the BMW Natural Air collection of interior scents boasts three new additions and a redesigned holder. The holder comprises a matt black plastic carrier and a high-quality lid with a gleaming, anthracite-coloured metal look. The intensity of the scent can now be adjusted precisely via the ventilation grille or the holder’s variable apertures. The new Vitalizing Woods fragrance combines elegant woody notes with a zesty orange and subtle vanilla aroma. Harmonizing Flowers – based primarily on the scent of jasmine and myrtle – brings to mind floral bouquets. And a delicate blend of citrus, lily of the valley and musk imbues the third new creation, Sparkling Raindrops, with an invigorating freshness. The newcomers join the tried-and-tested Purifying Green Tea, Energizing Tonic and Balancing Amber fragrance sticks in the range.


BMW Bluetooth headset enables user-friendly telephone calls on the move. 
The new-generation BMW headset makes it even easier to make telephone calls during a journey. It connects easily with a mobile phone and can be operated using buttons, gestures or voice commands – the latter allowing the driver’s hands to remain on the steering wheel. As well as ensuring drivers can easily understand what their conversation partner is saying, the headset’s outstanding sound quality and ambient noise suppression also allow them to listen to music and audio books. The headset enables two devices – e.g. one private and one business phone – to be linked up to it. It can also be used outside the car, making it ideal for both work and leisure purposes.