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The Club provides products, services and events which enhance the enjoyment, value and experience all BMW owners and enthusiasts get from their cars. As well as receiving a quality monthly Club magazine, Straight Six, members can enjoy a wide selection of Club benefits and activities.

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Synergy Guide to Leasing a BMW

Synergy Guide to Leasing a BMW

Guide to Leasing a BMW BMW, the pride of Bavaria. The brand delivers an engaging and sporty driving experience across its entire range, from its 1 Series all the way up...

German Car of the Year 2021

German Car of the Year 2021

The BMW ALPINA B3 was awarded ‘German Car of the Year 2021’ (GCOTY) in the category ‘Performance’ . “We are very proud to have been able to convince the ‘German Car of...

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Exclusive events

Take part in exclusive club events, track days, museum visits, tours and more – all across the UK and beyond.

Straight six

Get our very own award-winning magazine, written by members, for members.

Discounted insurance

Keep your BMW on the road: BMW Car Club Insurance has been developed solely for club members.

Knowledge & Support

Get exclusive access to specialist knowledge and advice from within the club, and on our forums.

Memberships for all passions




Become part of an exclusive community of MINI owners.
The MINI membership will introduce you to proper lovers of this vintage classic and contemporary cult icon.

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Family Membership is for two adults who are spouse, partner or equivalent other, who are resident in the UK at the same address. Family Membership also allows children under 17 years of age to be associates of the Club. Only one magazine is sent to the address quoted.

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Overseas Membership is for adults resident outside the UK (this includes Eire). The higher charge is due to the cost of magazine postage.

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