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Guinness World Record Attempt

The BMW Car Club want to break the current record for the largest parade of BMWs held by the Isetta Owners Club.


We plan to do this at Brands Hatch on the 23rd June at the BMW Car Club race meeting in association with the AMOC.


ANY BMW is welcome to take part of any age and whether you are a current member or not we would like you to take part - the target is to exceed 200 BMWs. We already have the race cars taking part together with the clubs E9, E21 and E30 registers. The invite will go out to all the clubs registers and regions; we welcome anyone to enjoy this spectacular show around the Brands Hatch Indy Circuit.


Currently its likely that the parade will take part after the racing is over (between 4-5pm) to allow everyone time to prepare, so no time pressures to get on and off track. We want to organise the cars in age order which will be filmed as a memory for the participant.

There are seveal options for recieving tickets for the event:


Discounted tickets (£8 each) for the AMOC event on 23 June can be purchased from here:, and by using the discount code: BMWAMOC


If you are or would like to attend Deutsche Fest the week before there are 2 options:

span style="font-size: 10.0pt; font-family: New;">Option 1 (on sale until midday 7 June)

Any member that wants to bring their BMW to display at Deutsche Fest use:, and then select BMW Car Club.

Please note – applications for display cars at Deutsche Fest are only open until 7 June.


span style="font-size: 10.0pt; font-family: New;">Option 2 (on sale until midday 14 June)

All other Deutsche Fest general entry tickets (none display) are to be purchased through with codeAMOCFREE18


The complimentary tickets for the AMOC event will follow after each customer has received their Deutsche Fest ticket.


Please note, the offer of a free of charge ticket for the AMOC event is only on the basis the Deutsche Fest tickets are purchased in advance, and not on the gate.


We can promise some great racing from the AMOC and BMWCCR during the day, and the normal Brands Hatch catering facilities.


The BMW Car Club will be located during the meeting in the lower paddock near Hailwoods Bar so please come and park your car close to other similar models and eras. The plan is to have areas for Historic, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90, 00s, and modern vehicles (to include the BMW Mini, X Power and modified cars), this is an opportunity to involve ALL different types of cars together.


This will be an enjoyable day - please come and join the fun on and off track!


For more information, contact Neil McDonald at or call him on 07767688233


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When and where

  • 23rd Jun 2018 - 23rd Jun 2018
  • 16:00
  • Brands Hatch Circuit, West Kingsdown, Longfield, DA3 8PU