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Tyne & Wear, North East
2 Doors
Rear Wheel Drive
1.9 Litre
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Time to pass on my run around.

I bought it from The Car Warehouse in 2017 who imported it direct from Japan, absolutely rust free. It then ended up in storage for a few years because I changed jobs, only coming out when I started working from home and needed a run around. 52k KM on the clock (32k miles). Going back on the road involed a new battery and 4 new tyres.

Montreal blue over grey leather (unusual), wooden bits and pieces, period correct tape deck (and tapes, you'll get a copy of Bat Out Of Hell!), automatic with the 1.9 engine.

It's a great little cruising car, not a b road blaster, but has been great for trips to the beach and around down.

Bad bits: (trying to be honest here)
* Rear plastic windscreen has a big crack (I've taped over it and its never been a problem) and the roof has been resealed this year.
* I've got the windguard but the mounting was broken when I got it and I've never got round to fixing it.
* Some little git nicked the badge off the front. Replica ones on ebay are cheap, I've never bothered.

Photos of the underside are from last summer – not undercoated – look how clean it is.

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