BMW Car Club UK

Centenary Relay Fun Days

(Ready, Steady, Go)


As you read this update the ‘Around GB Relay’ is on the verge of starting off from Lands End on Sunday 6th March.

For those of you like me who had not remembered this is also ‘Mothers Day’ – Oops! Apologies to any Mums who this might inconvenience, you can blame BMW for forming their company 100 years ago on 7th March 1916.

I am pleased to say that the first 6 Regions/Registers are all geared up and ready to go. Namely - Cornwall, Devon, Western, South Wales, Wessex, plus not forgetting Norman Burnham’s special Relay scheduled to hopefully start from BMW’s HQ in Farnborough in April.

The Batons will be handed back to me at Duxford on 1st May for hopefully, weather permitting, the first ‘Crazy Bit’ when the models go for a flight in a members light aircraft.

After that they will return to the South East Region for their Relay. For more details and to get involved contact the above Regions as every leg of the Relay will be uniquely different. One thing you can be sure of is breath taking scenery, visits to dealers, perhaps even a Treasure Hunt somewhere, lots of photo shoot opportunities, stop offs to eat, perhaps the involvement with celebrities (does anyone know Tim Peake when he comes back to earth). Good company and camaraderie with other members during the Relay. The 2 model BMW’s are with Cornwall together with the Log Book that will start to record the mileage travelled on each leg with a brief description of the journey.

Every Region has received via the post some blank pages for the ‘Commemorative Scrap Books’.

The book(s) will not only record in more detail each leg of the Relay but the whole of every Region and Registers 2016 celebrations.

We will try to eventually put these on line in addition to the hard copy books so you can all review them at any time or enjoy thumbing through the originals at our resource centre.

We are encouraging everyone taking part in the Relay or indeed other events throughout 2016 to consider trying to raise funds for a local Charity or Hospice. Alternatively funds can be raised for the 3 Charities the Club will support this year, which are Alzheimer’s Society, Age UK, and Prostate Cancer UK. All voluntary no compunction to do this.

Contact your Regional Chairman or Register Captain to find out how you can join in and have fun this year.

Look out for another update next month.