BMW Car Club UK

The country is a big place, and often the existing pub meets can be miles away..

If that is the case with you, why not start a pub meet of your own?


Contact Lucy on who will be able to assist you with this by contacting your Regional Chair and advertising your forthcoming meet in Straight Six and the Newsletter.

Think of a suitable location away from any other pub meet. This helps as it will give you the best chance of not clashing with another one.

The key to a good Pub Meet is a Good Pub with a friendly and sympathetic host who's chef cooks good food. Thats half the battle.

Lastly, post a message on the club forum on your Regional Page.

Roll up on the day, half an hour before the appointed time, tell thest where you are sitting, taking with you something that clearly shows you are a BMW fan. Place it on your table in obvious view.

Sit back and wait for the members to arrive.