BMW Car Club UK

Many members pay their subscription, enjoy their magazine, and sit back waiting for someone to organize a meeting or day out for them. If there are no events that they like, they often complain about it.

What you have to remember is that no event ever happens without some volunteer making it happen! Which is where you come in!

Good events take lots of planning, a degree of persistance from the organizer, a good venue and a good plan. You must start planning very early - 3 months before is not always soon enough.

After studying the problem for years, it seems that the type of event that will attract people consists of a run out - say 30 to 40 miles, includes a visit to an attraction and nice meal.

There are lots of different types of attraction, from static car shows, to go kart racing, visits to the Zoo, unusual restaurants, seaside towns for fish and chips, dog and horse racing, the list is endless.

Pick both your attraction and your eating place carefully, to ensure that it will be appreciated by partners and children. If you do not get them on board, you are doomed from the start. It must have a good car park, preferably where you can have special arrangments so that the shiny car remains shiny. The food should be good, and the rout there and back should provide some nice open roads that bring out the skills of your driver.

When your plan is complete, some three months prior to its planned date, get it published in the magazine, on the forum, at your pub meet, on the club FaceBook page and send out emails via the office's mail chimp system, to everyone that you think might come. The office can help here. You need to plug away at it, as you will find that few if any will commit to it except at the last minute, so you must ensure that they hear about it from every possible angle. You are covered by our insurance only if the event is considered an official one, so make sure that you follow the rules above. Some events need a full health and safety policy document to be provided, usually if it is a sole event for our club on someone else's property. Contact the office if you are in doubt.

If it turns out to be a good event, publish lots of photos in Straight Six, discuss its success on the club forum. That way, when that time comes along next year, people will remember the previous year, and put a note in their diaries.

Enjoy the planning and the event.