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It's just been announced that BMW are producing an i3 specifically for policing, so here we have a look back at BMW's long and storied history with the police.

As producers of fast, agile, powerful and reliable saloons, its easy to see why many police forces love BMWs, both in Germany and in many other forces.

BMW is clearly targeting inner city policeman with their latest effort, the i3 'Authorities Vehicle'. With such ferocious acceleration in such a small package, the i3 could make for an ideal response car in dense areas.

The i3 joins BMW's designated 'Authority Vehicles' lineup, which currently features much of the regular BMW range, including the 2 series and X5.

However, the F30 3 series hasn't had the greatest reception from one of its oldest customers, the German Polizei. The German police have complained of vague steering, sloppy handling, poor ride quality and a lack of interior space.

While the 3 series remains one of the most capable saloons on the market, the Polizei argue it isn't up to the standards of its predecessors.

The 3 and 5 series have been traditional stalwarts of the Polizei fleet, particularly in Bavaria (see the Bavarian flag in the emblem on the door).

Indeed it was a pair of E28 5 series that pursued James Bond's Alfa Romeo GTV in Octopussy. Perfectly, if somewhat ridiculously, demonstrating the agility of the '80s Beemer.

>>> See the original chase here

It isn't just German national pride that works in the BMW's favour when it come to policing duty however, the brand's trademark driving prowess has endered police forces from across the world.

In Britain, the 5 series is often used by the Police as a persuit vehicle, being that bit more capable than the standard Vauxhall Astra patrol car.

Indeed the Metropolitan Police have been using the 5 series for decades now, often painting them an unusual red livery that will be familiar to Londoners.

While most BMW's in police hands tend to be saloons, BMW being the leading name in sports saloons and all, the Dubai police has recently acquired an i8 for its force.

We're sure the i8 will make for a fantastic pursuit car with a 0-60 time of 4.4 seconds, but we're not sure where the perpertrators will go once they're arrested.