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The new BMW 5 Series, the 'G30' was announced last week amid a flurry of speculation. Here we'll separate the fact from the fiction, the truth from the conjecture and give you everything you need to know about one of the most important releases of the year.

The Leak: The first official images of the G30, as opposed to spy shots of camouflaged prototypes, appeared on the 12th of October with reports suggesting they had come from either a Chinese or German media site.

The Release: BMW officially announced the G30 on the 14th and did not acknowledge the leak.

More upright and larger kidney grilles aim to provide a more aggressive front-end, taking inspiration from the new G11 7 Series, while aerodynamic improvements to the grille itself and surrounding panels ensure the c/d is not adversely affected.

Beneath the car's bodywork, the G30 is even more closely related to the G11 7 Series, being based on the same 'cluster architecture' or CLAR platform.

It is this new platform and it's more intelligent use of materials that will give the G30 a weight saving of up to 100kg over its predecessor.

Inside, the main new features include the Head-Up Display, or HUD, which projects essential driving information on to the windscreen in front of the driver.

So too, the main centre console screen is no longer integrated into the dashboard, but instead sits on top of it, giving it a tablet like look. This again reflects the G11 7 series.

Other key developments are a raft of new assistance features, which BMW has called 'the next step to automated driving'. These include the remote parking system as seen in the G11 7 series, as well as improvements to Active Cruise Control and Lane Keeping Assistance which gain increased functionality.

The reaction: No one has called the G30 an ugly car, but not many fans have been professing its beauty either. The new design is certainly a case of evolution rather than revolution from its predecessor, the F10. So too, the great similarity that now exists between the 5 series and 7 series has been criticised for making the line-up too homogenous.

Inside, the interior has been largely praised, with the exception of the new iDrive screen, which has proved controversial. While many appreciate its tablet like appearance, à la Tesla, some dislike its 'stuck-on' look.

On the other hand, the autonomous tech and lightened body will not lose the car any fans. Regardless, the proof of the pudding will be in how the car handles and drives, which we currently have no sense of.

The movie appearance: We were already excited when we learned of the return of BMW Films, with the short-film 'The Escape'. But then we saw the G30 5 Series would be the star car of the short-film, meaning our first chance to see the new car in action will be at the hands of Hollywood star Clive Owen on the 23rd. What a debut!

>>>See The Escape here

The future: It only took a couple of days after the G30's release before the photoshop wizards of the internet were giving their take on what the inevitable sub-models of the new G30 will look like.

First, theophiluschin came up with this rendering of what the G30 5 series touring will probably look like. Certainly if BMW make the next 5 Series Touring look much like this, the G30 could have a bright future.

Next, xtomi showed us what the G30 M5, the ultimate version of the next 5 series, could look like. Here, the main changes are to the front and rear bumpers, but an altered bonnet and side skirts are also present.